Geneviève & Jessyca, both seasoned entrepreneurs working in the children's market since 2015, wanted to join forces when they had the idea of ​​stickeepals, a collection of inclusive and unisex stickers for children aged 3 and over. years. A first collection of stickers was released in 2022.

The company was sold in September 2023 to Marie-Josée, already the owner of an online store of various products for pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood. Drawing on her experience and being a professional graphic designer, she adds a new range of products to the collection, namely affirmation cards, greeting cards, souvenir notebooks and posters.

The three girls experienced bullying in their childhood and adolescence, they want to help educate a new generation of children to be open about ethnicity, gender and physical differences and ensure that uniqueness becomes a source of inspiration and beauty.

Stickeepals helps normalize the uniqueness of each individual.

Being different is great!