Pourquoi des autocollants inclusifs?

Why inclusive stickers?

The concept of Stickeepals came to our minds in early 2022, during a meeting where we were talking about the best-selling themed toys in stores, such as dinosaurs, unicorns, space, princesses and knights. The central point of the discussion: everything was pink or blue, gendered.

Upon closer inspection, we also found that most companies used a generic face to represent all children, with their ethnicity distinct only by skin color. Eyes, faces, noses, ears, bodies: everything else was the same.

It wasn't reality. We are so different!

After some online research, we discovered that less than 20% of diversity (ethnic, gender, physical and mental disabilities, body differences, etc.) was represented in everyday life.

So we decided to use our strengths to launch a unique product in the field where we were already used to working: the children's industry. Since stickers are found in most homes, are inexpensive, fun and educational, we thought they would be perfect for our mission: to include, represent and normalize the uniqueness of each individual.

Because different is COOL!

So there you have it, we present to you our very first collection of inclusive stickers, hoping that you will join the movement and change the world one sticker at a time 🌈⭐️💙

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